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A man wearing a green Publix shirt stands in front of a row of three portraits of the founding members of The Conklin Davis Center for the Visually Impaired.

David, A CDCVI Client & Publix Employee For Over 20 Years

Supported Employment training focuses on instruction for blind individuals who have an additional significant disability. Our program helps blind individuals compete in the workplace on terms of equality by providing them with the skills and confidence necessary to achieve employment outcomes that are commensurate with their talents and abilities.

Students are trained to manage the responsibilities of employment by learning specific skills as well as how to handle job-related issues. With the help of Job coaches, our students become capable, confident job applicants and employees to many local companies. Area employers often provide pre-employment training and work experiences that enable the employee and the business to learn the skills and abilities of the applicant. Job coaches remain in contact with the student and the employer, even after graduation to ensure that our students will be able to maintain their employment.

Some of our multi-handicapped employees work in the following positions:

  • Hospitality and Restaurant positions 

  • Factories 

  • Clerical positions

  • Real Estate Offices

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