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A man works with assistive technology for the visually impaired

Vocational training services enable persons with visual impairments to overcome barriers to accessing, maintaining or returning to employment or other useful occupation. Our services ensure that people with disabilities have the skills and ability to enter the workforce and gain meaningful employment, remain employed, and advance in their jobs.

Career education for individuals with visual impairments needs to begin as early as possible and include self-awareness and career exploration activities, job seeking skills instruction, information about job keeping, and encourage opportunities for gaining work experience. Teaching skills in the area of career education can provide students with visual impairments of all ages with the opportunity to learn first-hand the work done by members of the home and community. ​We offer job shadowing opportunities as well as paid work experiences.

Areas the student may need specific instruction in include: knowledge of relationship between work and play; understanding of the value of work; knowledge of characteristics of valued workers; awareness of the variety of jobs people hold; awareness of jobs people with visual impairments often hold; job acquisition skills (want ads, resumes, applications, interviews); typical job adaptations made by workers with visual impairments; in-depth knowledge of a variety of jobs of interest; work experience; laws related to employment; and management of readers and drivers. All of these areas of knowledge are offered to individuals who are seeking employment services through the Conklin Davis Center.

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