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Teen Transition Program

For Youth and Young Adults
14-22 Years of Age


The Transition Program helps prepare visually impaired youth between the ages of 14 and 22 as they evolve from adolescent to young adulthood.

Participants must have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) through their school system and be referred by the Florida Department of Blind Services (DBS). CVI teams with public educators in accomplishing participants IEP goals. The Program can last as long as 8 years.

The Transition Program is year round and consists of two phases:

School Year — The group meets every-other Saturday and after school as needed.

Summer Program — The group meets 3-4 days per week and can include work experiences in offices, hospitals etc. and trips to Disney World, Busch Gardens and Daytona Lagoon.

Transportation for the Transition Program is included and all classes are held at CVI’s campus at 1187 Dunn Ave., in Daytona Beach.


The Transition Program focuses on the following areas:

Vocational:  Identifies aptitude and job interest and reviews college preparedness. Prepares participants for a full spectrum of job readiness including resume preparation, interview protocol and office decorum.

Technology:  Provides instruction on all types of IT and adaptive technology such as  JAWS software, magnifiers, screen readers etc.

Orientation & Mobility: Teaches students specific skills to allow for independent travel such as use of public transportation and street crossing using either canes or dog guides.

Social Skills: Develops interpersonal skills, such as the difference between assertive and aggressive behavior and how to advocate for oneself. The program also focuses on critical thinking skills and proper dating and social etiquette.

Healthy Living:  Focuses on the importance of fitness and recreational/leisure activities for physical and mental well-being. Includes programs on physical fitness, excursions to water parks, theme parks, etc. Encourages participation in community and civic events.

Independent Living:  Trains participants on meal planning and preparation including budgeting, shopping, preparing meals “from scratch” and clean-up.  Clients participate in “Iron Chef” competitions. Teaches and familiarizes clients with grooming techniques including shaving, hair cuts and style and dental health.

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