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Tech Time Blurb of the Month

Did you know your smartphone is a high tech computer? It has the potential to serve as an assistive device for those who are struggling to see.

What is Be My Eyes?

Be My Eyes is an app that allows volunteers to assist blind people when sight is needed.  The App uses the camera on your smartphone to share your view with a sighted person. The sighted helper can use the camera to provide visual assistance in many different ways- read a label,find a lost object, assist in identifying clothing colors and may other situations.

How does it work?

A person downloads an app to their IOS or Android phone.  The person then registers either as a blind person or as a sighted volunteer.  When a blind person wants help, they choose to request the next available helper. At this point, a random volunteer will respond and a video conference will start between the blind person and the volunteer.  The blind person and the volunteer can speak to each other and the volunteer can see everything in range of the blind user’s camera.

Please Note:

We recommend the user exercise caution when sharing sensitive information with a random volunteer. Examples of sensitive information are credit cards, social security numbers and account passwords/PIN

Corporate Partners

Several companies have partnered with Be My Eyes to provide blind and visually impaired support with their products.  As of now, the companies that partnered with Be My Eyes are: Microsoft, Google, Clearblue, Herbal Essences, and Pantene.  


Want More?

If you would like more information, or want to learn howto use Be My Eyes on your phone. Please email us at You may also call at: 386-253-8879 ext. 112


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