Administrative Staff

Ronee Silverman  President/CEO
Patricia Anderson     Office Manager
Kahlin Kelly  Director of Marketing
Dale Parks     Case Management Specialist
Rosalie Ferry     Adminstrative Assistant
Stephanie Katz  Receptionist


Program Staff

Julienne Messmer  Independent Living Program Manager All Counties
Dan Pekich  Employment/Transition Manager All Counties
Benjamin Fischer  Orientation & Mobility Program Manager All Counties
Sherie Aston-Shell   Orientation & Mobility and IL Instructor Brevard
Karen Orosz  Technology Instructor Brevard
Carol Saunders  Driver Brevard
Leon Rosen  Technology Manager/Rehab  Counselor Volusia
Mary Noblitt  Technology Instructor Volusia
Ryan Mann  Technology Instructor Volusia
Christopher Dixon  Technology Instructor Volusia
Phil Hall  TechnologyInstructor Volusia
Dan Malone  Technology Instructor Volusia
Meghan Althafer  Orientation & Mobility Instructor Volusia
Alicia Betancourt  Independent Living Instructor Volusia
Connie Powers  Daytona Driver Volusia
Karla Bucholz  Independent Living Instructor West Volusia